Indonesia to FULLY ban E-cigs’


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Indonesia’s Trade Minister Rachmat Gobel said on Monday that sales of e-cigarettes would be banned in line with the concerns recently voiced by the Health Ministry. “It has been deemed that e-cigarettes pose health risks and that’s why we need to impose a ban,” he said. There are no domestic e-cigarette producers. Consumers rely on imports from China, the inventor of the device that can stimulate the sensation of smoking. When the domestic ban took effect, it would automatically halt the import of e-cigarettes, Rachmat further said.

The ministry does not provide figures on annual e-cigarette imports. Like elsewhere, a high number of Indonesian smokers utilize the alternative smoking device to help them quit the habit. Indonesia, where one in every five people smoke, has jumped on the bandwagon worldwide to impose tighter anti-tobacco measures to curb smoking, which is responsible for the death of 200,000 people in the country each year, according to a WHO estimate. It has since mid-last year, among others, required cigarette manufacturers to print graphic health warnings on packaging. Read full article

Linda Yulisman (19 May 2015) RI bans e-cigarettes on health concerns [online newspaper]. Retrieved from


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