Vaping MPs Have Been Forced To Join Smokers Out In The Cold

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House of Commons officials have banned MPs from puffing on e-cigarettes inside parliament. BuzzFeed News reported in February how a group of MPs recommended that politicians should be allowed to vape indoors. The Commons Administration Committee proposed that e-cigarettes should be allowed in MPs’ offices, part of the Portcullis House building and inside Strangers’ bar, parliament’s main watering hole. But an official notice recently emailed to politicians and staff, declares that “the use of electronic cigarettes is now prohibited across the Parliament Estate except for designated outdoor areas”. The House of Commons Commission, chaired by Speaker John Bercow, made the ruling. It was backed by the House of Lords House Committee. The move brings parliament into line with most British offices where vaping is banned. Read full article


Emily Ashton (22 May 2015) Vaping MPs have been forced to join smokers out in the cold [news]. Retrieved from

UPDATE (29 May 2015) MP condemns e-cigarette office ban

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