Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Listen To My Music by AFRO DJ PUPO | Boiler Room Debuts via Bazzerk Records

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Afro DJ Pupo is the alias of 23-year-old Angolan DJ and producer Alcindo Joaquim, delivering the Listen To My Music EP on multiform imprint Bazzerk. “Listen To My Music” is rooted by a deep percussive groove with an oscillating male and female vocal shift on top. Catch the release on June 1 when it arrives on limited stamped vinyl, and digital – Boiler Room


It’s sometimes all too easy to think that the world’s dance floors are shared exclusively between here, Berlin, Chicago and Detroit, forgetting that everyone in the world, pretty much, is enamoured with dance music in its numerous, nebulous forms. From baile funk down in Brazil to Swedish skweee, every country, every city, has their own signature sound that fuels long nights and hazy afternoons.
Over in Angola, it’s all about Kuduro, a Portuguese import that’s since been exported back to Europe. Kuduro emerged in the early 80s, blending the simple stomp of 4/4’s eternal pulse with the freneticism of soca, and the carnivalesque patterns of zouk. It was, and still is, frantic, tough, defiant party music. 23-year-old Alcindo Joaquim, known better as Afro DJ Pupo, is a selector and producer on the rise and has become an integral part of the Kuduro scene and beyond, dropping release after release of prime African house – Thump


Release date: June 1st on Bazzerk Records
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Listen to my Mandarin’

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