UPDATE: TPD Article 20 | Denmark suspend early introduction of contentious act


article 20 eu flag

Denmark are to suspend the early introduction of Article 20 of the TPD. The controversial Act that has already been passed into law, but is yet to be implemented by European member states. It seeks to heavily regulate electronic devices, hardware, e-liquid, and advertising. News of the development came via UK vendor Totally Wicked, who are currently contesting Article 20 and are awaiting a court date to mount their challenge.
article 20 girl“We have very recently received the following information from Denmark, where the government was planning to implement the TPD early. The Health Ministry has decided to postpone the proposal to introduce the TPD early. Postponement will be until after the election, which to quote a source will be latest in October this year. This is both good and bad news. Vendors can keep selling their hardware, but apparently e-liquid containing nicotine will still be 100% prohibited. We are still expecting a hearing date for our legal challenge this autumn, one wonders if the two could be connected?”


Screenshot 2015-05-26 at 08.20


View/download the full TPD | Watch Totally Wicked legal challenge 



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