British American Tobacco (BAT) funding the safe use of flavourings in e-cigarettes (really!?)

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The first practical guide to ensure the safe use of flavourings in e-cigarettes has been published. The British Standards Institute (BSI) are developing product standards for e-cigarettes to provide guidance on manufacturing, testing and safety requirements. ‘These guidelines, lay out the ‘what’ – which includes toxicological risk assessment of flavours,’ says Dr Sandra Costigan. She is Principal Toxicologist at Nicoventures, a nicotine company established by British American Tobacco (BAT). She is also a member of the BSI steering committee on e-cigarettes.
The flavourings typically used in e-cigarettes are food grade, which means that they have been traditionally ingested rather than inhaled. ‘This means that the data available is oral and there are large data gaps. Safe to eat is not the same as safe to inhale,’ says Costigan. ‘The data gaps need to be filled,’ she says. ‘In the meantime, what are the kinds of data sources, approaches and scientific rationale that will allow us to determine if we can use a flavour and at what level? This guide explains how to do that.’ Read full article 

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EurekAlert (27 May 2015) The safe use of flavorings in e-cigarettes [journal]. Retrieved from


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