Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Cold War by SIZZLA & SAVONA (Om Unit Remix) | Muti Music

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Mista Savona is Australia’s leading reggae and dancehall producer, known for his high quality production and world-class releases. His distinct yet seamless meshing of genres such as hip-hop, roots reggae, dubstep, electronic, and world music styles have earned him a reputation overseas as one of the country’s pioneering artists in the genre. Mista Savona records and tours regularly with some of Australia’s leading singers and mc’s, as well as collaborating with a host of international artists from Jamaica, Europe, the Pacific, and beyond – Savona Productions


Like a lot of dancehall and ragga stars, Sizzla has always had an eye on the wider musical world, which could be the reason his music has had such crossover appeal (his work with Dre Skull). So it makes sense, then, that his ‘Cold War’ single should be remixed by Om Unit. A producer who also refuses to be pinned down to one sound, whether that’s D&B, ambient, or footwork. Here, the beat wizard takes us right back to those gloriously bouncy stepper riddims, with a fast-paced, dubby rhythm to back up the uplifting positivity of Sizzla’s lyrics – Hyponik


Release date: 6th June on Muti Music
Dr B’s recommended juice: A Cold Wa-termelon

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