Warning label rules for e-cig’ liquids advance

in the press


stateside thumbLegislation cleared the first step to mandate child-resistant packaging and warning labels on liquids used with electronic cigarette vaporizers. The House Health Committee unanimously recommended Senate Bill 286 to the Commerce and Job Development Committee on Wednesday. The Senate passed the bipartisan bill by a 48-0 vote on April 22. Its primary sponsors are Senators; S-Bingham, R-Davidson, D-Davis, and D-Pitt.
The law would ban the sale of any e-liquid product without the packaging and warning labels in North Carolina. If passed, it would take effect on December 1st. Violators would face a Class A1 Misdemeanor charge. Sponsors of the e-cig’ bill said it represents the logical next step in reducing potential public health harm from e-cigs’ and vaporizer devices. They said the bill is endorsed by Reynolds American Inc. and Lorillard IncRead full article 

Richard Craver (27 May 2015) Warning labels rules for e-cig liquids advance [online newspaper]. Retrieved from http://tinyurl.com/pkwjulb


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