Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Crack Magazine Mix #094 | mixed by ITALOJOHNSON (Hotflush/Tsuba Records)

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ItaloJohnson operate a zero bullshit policy. An uncomplicated musical vision that rests on preserving intimacy, sociality and space in the club, the faceless trio have been making a name for themselves since 2010 with a series of hand-stamped 12” releases showcasing their timeless house sound. Off key fondue parties and records hand-stamped by virgins aside, guiding the three is an underlying imperative to make decisions for the right reasons. Their anonymity nothing more than a method that works well for them, something that relies on a sociality that the internet has effectively negated over the years. You don’t go to see ItaloJohnson play, you go to party with them, and that’s exactly how they like it – Crack


Berlin based trio ItaloJohnson like to keep themselves to themselves. Despite this, the raw analogue music they have released on their own eponymous label has won them many fans in recent times. And it’s easy to see why, because it bulges with charm. Be it a loopy techno banger, bouncy house cut, or something more cerebral, exclusively released on vinyl 12″ and 10″s. As DJ’s their ears are as well attuned as they are in the booths of the most respected clubs in the world. The three of them excel at lacing together pumping, dance-floor wrecking DJ sets over extended periods of time that lean on the best that house and techno has to offer – Octopus Agents 


Release date: ‘Free to the world’
Dr B’s recommended juice: Crack a Coconut

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