A fresh view on political correctness, addiction, and ‘minty menthol’

in the press

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one-worldThe decision to take up smoking is usually a complicated one for young people. It involves elements of peer pressure, rebellion, self-image, and socio-economic status. Lower income students are more likely to take up smoking than are upper or middle-income students. First Nations and immigrant students are more likely too, because another big factor in young people choosing to smoke is the acceptability of smoking in the home. Smoking is more common in lower-income, First Nations and new-Canadian homes.
To hear anti-smoking fanatics tell it, the No. 1 cause of youth smoking is Big Tobacco. Greedy cigarette companies conspire to hook kids with catchy ads’ and candy-like flavours (like minty menthol). The implication of such claims is that without those products and ads’, very few kids would take up the habit. But youth smoking is already at a century-long low. And there is some dispute over which comes first, the desire to smoke or the slick ads and smooth flavours.
Can tobacco companies really lure kids into smoking who otherwise would never have considered it? More likely, kids are edged toward smoking by one or more of the other factors in their lives; family history, friends, socio-economic status, etc. Once they have chosen to smoke, ads and product selection lure them to particular companies and brands. Read full article

Lorne Gunter (01 June 2015) NDP’s ban on menthol cigarettes pure political correctness [editorial]. Retrieved from http://tinyurl.com/q6ydwd3


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