DR B’s MINIBAR | French Tobacco by Simple Vape Co.


simple french tobac2

French Tobacco by Simple Vape Co.

  • Size (ml): 30
  • PG/VG (%): 60/40
  • Nicotine options (mg): 0/6/12/18
  • Born: London, UK

What they say

simple vape greyA warm and rich flavour full of texture with nutty undertones and hints of chocolate, caramel and mild spice. Developed with the help of expert tobacconists to deliver a strong sense of flavour and a satisfying draw. Steeped for longer to instil extra body and a long-lasting taste

What Mini B’ says

Minor aversion to ‘tobacco vapes’ aside. It’s all about them nuts! The bold and roasted aroma levels out any unwanted bitterness, whilst the caramel provides the super smooth texture. ‘Suggestion’ of chocolate is somewhat lost in the mix but the spice tinged exhale is very welcome indeed. What isn’t welcome is the price for this little fella’. No other way around this I’m afraid vappsters, but at £19* for 30ml! Mini B’ has vaped similar and better for lower. A ‘Simple’ shame.
*as per date of review

Mini B: 3/5     Realization: 4.1/5     Overall: 3.6/5

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