Vibes 2 Vape 2 | Kommune Podcast #01 | mixed by QUARION (Retreat/Drumpoet Community)

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Berlin-based, Swiss-born Quarion has produced and played with a wide variety of musicians since the late nineties. First, crafting skilful beats and samples for hip hop MC’s, then shaping versatile tech house grooves as Enterplay with Geneva’s Rosario and Japan’s Force Of Nature producer DJ Kent, or with jazz keyboardist Leo Tardin. As Ianeq, he also put out a stellar 12” with Snax on Get Physical and if you asked a 90’s clubber, he would be remembered as the fine drum & bass DJ he used to be – Retreat

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Quarion is DPC like no one else. He’s released countless remixes and singles, started the ‘vinyl only’ label Retreat and lives happy in Berlin. In his bag is tons of great music. Check him live or as a DJ, this guy won’t disappoint you – drumpoet community

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I’ve recorded a DJ mix for the Kommune crew. It features a handful of favourites that I’ve been playing for a while (Dorisburg, Aybee, Simon Haydo) as well as some new tunes from Session Victim, Lando and myself. The mix is more on the techno tip, although I don’t think it goes beyond 124 BPM. Enjoy – Quarion 
“a raw ride through all 4/4 that matters” – Dr B’


Release date: ‘Free To The World’
Dr B’s recommended juice: A Kommunal Kumquat

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