California Senate votes to restrict e-cigarettes as tobacco

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stateside thumbThe State Senate on Tuesday approved a bill that would ban electronic cigarettes from restaurants, theatres, and other public places in California where smoking is prohibited to address health concerns. Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) said his bill would treat e-cigarettes as tobacco products because they often use nicotine and are popular with teenagers.
“Of great concern is that the fastest growth segment of new users is among middle and high school students who are now smoking electronic cigarettes,” Leno told his colleagues. “They are advertised on television, they are advertised on billboards.” The measure, which would also subject e-cigarettes to the same licensing requirements as tobacco, was approved by a 24-12 vote, with Sen. Jeff Stone of Murrietta the only Republican to vote for the bill.
Senate-SealSenate Republican leader Bob Huff of Diamond Bar said e-cigarettes work on vapour that does not spread as much as tobacco smoke, so they should be treated differently in public. “E-cigs’ are used by people trying to kick the tobacco habit,” Huff said. He voted against the bill saying the state should wait until the federal government takes action. Read full article

Patrick Mcgreevy (02 June 2015) California Senate votes to restrict e-cigarettes as tobacco products [online newspaper]. Retrieved from


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