DR B’s MINIBAR | O-RangZ by Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co.


twelve monkeys orangz

O-RangZ by Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co.

  • Size (ml): 30
  • PG/VG (%): 20/80
  • Nicotine options (mg): 0/3/6/12
  • Born: ‘Somewhere’, Canada

What they say

maxresdefault (1)Tired of foraging for food during the drowsy morning dew, Twelve Monkeys have developed the perfect breakfast to ease the morning blues. A careful marriage of lemony fruits accented by wheaty cereal and finished with creamy milk. The perfect vape to start off your day and vape all day. O-RangZ brings back memories of our most beloved cereal from childhood. *Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co. still recommends a healthy, nutritional breakfast. Not to be used as a meal replacement.

What Mini B’ says

Dr B’ was remarkably impressed with some of the other juicy ware’s Twelve Monkeys had on offer at the recent ‘orgy’ of fog that was Vape Jam UK. Since then, the hype-machine over the Canadian vendor has been almost unrepentant. Premature praise? On this showing most certainly. O-RangZ is unbearably sweet, close to unvapeable. Crank beyond 20w and half a tank later Mini B’ is beaten by the mighty molasses. The sugar envelopes to an almost synthetic after-taste that will have you pining for the peppermint. There are fantastic flavours to be found here; props for the skilled realization of the wheat of the cereal. Alas, sadly, it’s not enough to save it from the disaster of the unbalanced construction. “Vape all day?”, more like 10 minutes and suffocate from sweetness! Don’t believe ‘all’ of the hype.

Mini B: 2.3/5      Realization: 3.5/5      Overall: 2.9/5

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