First (ever) USDA-CERTIFIED Organic E-liquid hits the market

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stateside thumbWhile the jury is still out on the long-term safety of electronic cigarettes, one company in California has taken steps to ensure that at least the product can be free of pesticides. Say hello to the first USDA approved organic vaping liquid, made from tobacco plants grown in the U.S.A.
The world of electronic cigarettes is, on the whole, a wildly unregulated market in which pretty much anybody can make whatever they want and market it in whatever way they want. Nobody has any real idea of the long-term effects vaping can have on a person; some studies note that they are likely to be less harmful than smoking cigarettes, but many people might ask, “What’s more harmful from a consumer perspective than smoking cigarettes?”

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Into that world comes Vape Organics, which can’t do much to see if vaping is safe for the general public, but can at least control its own product. A minor step forward, but an important one. Vape Organics is owned by parent company Trademark Cosmetics, which creates (often organic) cosmetics to be labelled under various brands. “There were team members who were vaping these really low-quality products,” said Sheerlie Ryngler, director of operations at Vape Organics, in a phone interview. “So we wanted to use our expertise to offer the vape community something better, and really try to raise the standards in the industry by adhering to the most stringent standards available.” Read full article

 (05 June 2015) America’s first certified organic e-cigarette vaping liquid is here [editorial]. Retrieved from


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