Canada’s new law could ban vendors ‘demonstrating’ vapour from devices

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ROTW proofNew provincial legislation regarding the sale and promotion of e-cigarettes may undermine a recently established Guelph, Ontario business operating as a vapour lounge and retail outlet for the devices. “It’s asinine really, it’s ridiculous” said Ponyboy Vapes store operator Jason Vickers. The Making Healthier Choices Act was passed days ago in the provincial legislature. The act prohibits vendors from promoting or advertising the devices. The units provide doses of nicotine without the degree of chemicals and health risks associated with smoking tobacco.
But Vickers worries the act would stop vendors from demonstrating to potential buyers how to properly use the battery-operated devices, of which he has several hundred in his Ponyboy Vapes stores. “It kind-of undermines the whole business” Vickers said. For example, as the act stands, it wouldn’t likely allow him to advise and troubleshoot a customer’s concerns about an e-cigarette’s leaking tank or a battery that wasn’t working.
“E-cigarettes aren’t complex, but may require some product demonstration and troubleshooting, particularly with new customers” Vickers stressed. While his store has a couple hundred products, some others in Canada have thousands. “The point of having a store is to showcase its products” Vickers said. He was more receptive to other aspects of the new act. Read full article

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Guelph Mercury (07 June 2015) New law might not even let vendor demonstrate e-smoke [online newspaper]. Retrieved from


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