V2V2 | The Lost Drum Beat by Mikael Seifu | 1432R Records via Boiler Room Debuts

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Returning to the familiar grounds of Washington D.C. label 1432R. The imprint that released his debut Yarada Lij EP last year, comes Mikael Seifu’s next project; The Lost Drum Beat. His penchant for melding electronic hardware and traditional Ethiopian sounds is as novel as ever here. The title track manoeuvres with all the mystifying, dubstep/garage jerks of a Burial number, yet this is slightly brighter and more bouncy territory. Nocturnal by nature, yet less forlorn and blessed with ghostly percussive intonations – Boiler Room

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Seifu fuses both the secular Ethiopian music of nomadic folk musicians known as Azmaris, and the sonics of Tobia with UK garage and his own dream brew, which he calls Ethiopian electronic. Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Seifu attended the French school Lycee Guebre-Mariam as a child, and went on to study music production and the music industry at Ramapo College of New Jersey, a small school about 45 minutes outside of Manhattan – The Windish Agency
“My music is about vibrations. It does something to me and I want to immediately share that with people. It’s not Eastern, Western, or Martian. It’s about that impact. If that impact is not shared, it doesn’t matter” – Mikael Seifu


Release date: June 19th on 1432R via Boiler Room Debuts
Dr B’s recommended juice: Ethiopian Elephant-Apple

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