DR B’s MINIBAR | Fantasy VGuice by Vampire Vape


fantasy vampire

Fantasy VGuice by Vampire Vape

  • Size options (ml): 30
  • PG/VG (%): 100 MAX VG!
  • Nicotine options (mg): 0/4/8
  • Born: Manchester, UK

What they say

vguice-ad-mgs-with-background-01Manufactured using only the best, top quality ingredients. Approx 30ml in a glass bottle with pipette dropper. This range has been specifically designed by us for use with drippers and sub-ohm devices. Perfect for cloud-chasers! Fantasy will take you to place you have never been before.
Fantasy is many a menthol lover’s dream vape. Blending a mix of red berry flavours with that refreshing menthol hit, this special e-liquid takes menthol vaping to an entirely new level currently occupied only by itself. It’s unique, uplifting, and utterly delicious – Vape Club 

What Mini B’ says

Vampire Vape are a quintessentially British juice vendor, no messing about. Their artistic direction is errr questionable at best though. Take one look at their website and you would be forgiven for thinking it was cobbled together on a lunch-break between juice batches, with some string, a couple of paper-clips, and a bit of bubblegum. However, does Mini B’s slightly pretentious view on artisan merit really matter in this case?…Not a jot! You write off Vampire Vape at your peril.
They cram flavour into a bottle like few others. VGuice; Fantasy is no exception to the rule. MAX VG ‘cloudage’ for your money and the mixed berry menthol blast is particularly profound and succulent. First hit, throat tickle is bloomin’ banging! Think of Fantasy as Heisenberg’s older, more refined, cloudy cousin. Menthol vappster? Your fantasy is a reality. Yep, UK in the house!

Mini B: 4.2/5      Realization: 4.6/5      Overall: 4.4/5

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