Proposed Welsh vaping ban (enclosed public spaces) could lead way to law on open public spaces (inc. BEACHES!)

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UK in the houseWales could soon be the first part of the UK to ban e-cigarettes in enclosed public places if a radical new Bill is passed by the Assembly. The Welsh Government hope to bring in restrictions for vaporisers and e-cigarettes in line with current smoking regulations, forcing users out into the cold by the end of 2016. The Bill would also pave the way for Ministers to make non-enclosed public spaces, such as hospital grounds and beaches smoke-free in the future.
Leading cancer charities have warned the Public Health (Wales) Bill could create ‘more barriers’ for smokers trying to quit saying there isn’t enough evidence to justify banning e-cigarettes. George Butterworth, tobacco policy manager for Cancer Research UK, said: “It’s a fast-emerging market but we’re optimistic about the potential benefits of e-cigarettes for helping smokers quit, whilst minimising the potential risks. “Although there are still questions around the long-term health impacts of these products, Cancer Research UK supports evidence-based policy making.” Read full article
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R Flint (09 June 2015) Welsh ban on e-cigarette vaping in enclosed public places being considered [newspaper]. Retrieved from


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