UK Press react to proposed Welsh (enclosed areas) vaping ban and the wider issues of regulation

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*The Welsh ban on vaping indoors makes no sense

A proposal to forbid e-cigarettes in enclosed spaces has no evidence behind it and will dissuade smokers from switching to a cleaner fix. Whatever you think of the smoking ban, it was introduced after a prolonged national debate about property rights, second-hand smoke and the appropriate limits of government regulation. Contrast this with the casual manner in which the Welsh government has proposed a ban on e-cigarette use (vaping) indoors and you will that the harm principle is now entirely absent from political discourse. Lacking any evidence that e-cigarettes pose a threat to health, the Welsh health minister, Mark Drakeford, has resorted to two discredited pseudo-arguments. Read full article

**E-cigarette ban is irrational nanny statism at its worst

If the Welsh government was really concerned with the health of its citizens it would clamp down instead on the health-devastating poisons of alcohol and junk food. Should we devolve intolerance? There is no clear health justification for the Welsh government’s decision to ban e-cigarettes from public places, offices, factories, pubs and lorries. The decision has been widely criticised by Cancer Research UK, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and numerous anti-smoking organisations. They regard e-cigarettes, overwhelmingly used by smokers trying to break the habit, as the most effective means of doing so. Read full article

***Vaping bans: Irrational and illiberal

E-cigarettes are widely acknowledged to be safer than tobacco cigarettes. But in an era of health-inspired control freakery, even something that merely looks like smoking must be stamped out. The result will be more deaths and less freedom. The Welsh government has announced today that it will push ahead with plans to ban the use of e-cigarettes in workplaces and public enclosed spaces, mirroring the existing ban on smoking tobacco cigarettes. The ban will even extend to lorries and taxis. In Scotland, the SNP government’s plans for e-cigarettes, while not as far-reaching as those in Wales, will still place limits on the promotion of e-cigs, including billboard advertising and giving out free samples. As in Wales, the SNP will make it an offence to sell them to, or buy them on behalf of, under-18s. Read full article

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