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With a series of EPs in 2013 on Ghostly International and Spectral Sound more than grabbed our attention as a star on the rise, earlier this year Fort Romeau set the office abuzz as he announced plans to release his hotly anticipated debut LP; Insides. He’s now revealed that he has a new remix EP of cuts from the work set to arrive via Spectral Sound on July 6th. Titled the Frankfurt Versions, the EP takes its name from the link that its remixers have to the German city’s Robert Johnson club. Roman Flügel, Massimiliano Pagliara, Tuff City Kids, and Orson Wells are drafted in to reshape cuts from Insides. Romeau revealed that the album was partly inspired by nights he’d enjoyed at the venue – Data Transmission 


Roman Flügel’s signature remains legible in pretty much whatever he does, despite the stylistic diversity of his back catalogue. That range is one reason he’s used so many aliases over the years. In addition to his and Jörn Elling Wuttke’s shifting collective identity as Alter Ego. He’s got a way with rippling, wriggling drum patterns, and his knack for daubing on tonal elements proves him to be a skilled pointillist. His ear for nuance and his feel for balance let him take the most shopworn sounds; an unadorned drum machine, a crackling breakbeat, a wily TB-303 and make them sound, if not exactly new, indisputably hisPitchfork


Release date: 6th July on Spectral Sound via Ghostly International
Dr B’s recommended juice: Frankfurt-Fruit-Fest’

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