V2V2 | Ra by The Acid (David August remix) | Infectious Music via Mute Records | 1st ever MAX SCORE: 5/5

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do the mashDavid August is most likely the only artist to be invited to join Steinway & Sons Piano’s prestigious artist program and to have delivered one of the most discussed and critically acclaimed sets for Berlin’s edgy underground party series; Boiler Room. Gravitating towards both, the classical and electronic side, August manages to navigate an unusually vast spectrum of music. The last few years have moved at an incredibly rapid pace for August. He made his debut release on Hamburg’s hugely influential Diynamic label with his Instant Harmony EP. Several more EPs followed, which included break out tracks such as Hamburg Is For Lovers (2011), heralding August’s arrival as clubland’s wunderkind.


His 2013 conceptual debut album Times that August gave us a deeper glimpse into his artistry. Times saw August move beyond the dance-floor, creating an album focused heavily on live instrumentation and the use of his own vocals. During the year long-recording process of Times, August made the decision to quit DJing and only play live. It was a decision quickly validated, in 2014 he was named as one of Resident Advisor’s top 5 live acts in the world – diy booking

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Highly regarded LA-based experimentalists The Acid composed of Adam Freeland, Steve Nalepa, and Ry X released its brilliant début album Liminal, in July last year. Following on from the critical success of Liminal, album cut Ra gets the remix treatment from Berlin-based artist David August. August reworks the stripped back, haunting original into a beautiful slice of deep house. August masterfully intersperses Ry X’s crooning vocals with thick synth lines, rolling melodies, and a booming bassline that will surely create dance-floor euphoria – xlr8r
“August’s remix of Ra is a thing of outstanding beauty” – The Acid
“If there is a finer remix this year than August’s Ra, I will eat my hat! Haven’t even got a hat but I will find one if needs must” – Dr B


Release date: Out now on Infectious Music via Mute Records
Dr B’s recommended juice: Champagne Truffle, celebrate sonic art!

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