V2V2 | Stay by Daktyl feat. Dive Deep (Machinedrum remix) | Mad Decent Records

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Daktyl is a multi-instrumentalist with a diverse musical experience. The UK-based DJ/Producer uses beat-driven grooves that merge Hip-hop, Soul, Garage, and Bass for music that is equally relevant and exciting on both sides of the Atlantic. Daktyl first emerged on Mad Decent’s radar when he conquered two official remixes for Dawn Golden’s album Still Life. His début album Cyclical is a work of art from beginning to end and brings forth a unique sound, merging all modern genres with a futuristic approach, that we’ve all been hankering for but have yet to hear – Mad Decent


Travis Stewart has reached such a high level as Machinedrum in recent years that he’s now one of the most prolific, not to mention well-respected producers out there. This is largely due to his absurd work ethic, which enables him to crank out singles, EPs, and remixes like a one-man factory. His latest remix victim is Mad Decent‘s Daktyl and his track Stay, which appeared on his début album, Cyclical. It’s not too surprising that Stewart’s version of Stay is faster. He’s explored many styles throughout his career, but lately has settled into a frenetic footwork-centred sound. He keeps a fast pace here, but still finds time for interesting detours, gleefully swerving between high-velocity polyrhythms and abrupt, teleporting short-cuts.  It’s a perfect match for Daktyl and one of Machinedrum’s most enjoyable remixes to date – Earmilk


Release date: June 30th on Mad Decent
Dr B’s recommended juice: Footwork-Fudge-Cake

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