Vaping in jail (#ConClub) | benefits felt by ‘all’ for allowing ecigs’

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stateside thumbThe Harlan County Detention Center in Evarts is bending a law to allow their inmates the option to smoke. The commissary began selling e-cigarettes on January 1st, and the results have been beneficial to jailers and inmates alike. In the months since commissary began selling the water vapor and nicotine cigarettes, the revenue has jumped 40 percent. Captain Daniel Howard believes that there are several benefits to allowing inmates to smoke, but placed a heavy emphasis on having something to take away from the inmates if needed. “Like any other privilege you get in jail,” he said, “this gives us leverage.” He said that half the inmates in the jail currently smoke e-cigs.
Inmate Shellie Duncan believes that the fighting and irritability in the jail have decreased since the e-cigs have been introduced. “There would be controversy,” she began. “People would probably be fighting more.” Inmate Duncan has been in jail for 11 months now. Before her jail time, she smoked “about two and a half” packs of cigarettes a day. An electronic cigarette at Harlan County Detention Center will cost inmates around nine dollars, and equals about two packs of cigarettes. View full article

Hayley Minogue (18 June 2015) Harlan County Detention Center sells E-Cigarettes [news]. Retrieved from


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