Controversa by Fuu (Vaporean range)


fuu test controversa2

Controversa by Fuu

  • Size (ml): 15
  • PG/VG (%): 40/60
  • Nicotine options (mg): 0/4/8/12
  • Born: Paris, France

What they say

fuu suport logoRaspberry Compote and Eucalyptus Infusion. We have successfully tested this unconventional combination ultimately enhancing the characteristic traits of both notes. Peppery, green, tangy and deliciously honeyed without being over-sweet. This e-liquid is a UFO that will turn you into a fruit fan.

What Mini B’ says

(scratch of chin from Mini B’) UFO? errr Unidentified/Unconventional Fruity Object? Lets be honest, we, the Mini B’, and no doubt your good selves, will have little trouble ‘identifying’ Controversa. Gigantic juicy action supplied care of that rich and ripe Raspberry is bolstered by the quite delectable and striking Eucalyptus.
Complex natural sugars are stable and perfectly balanced as you move through the wattage gears. Turning up the heat the Eucalyptus fastens its BIG Boy Pants and sets its sights on spicing up proceedings. Kudos, as this flavour profile is a bold and risky composition to pull off successfully. Controversa excels in abundance and is flavoursome like few others. Unconventional? YES…controversial? NO…a flav’ chasing delight.


Mini B: 4.6/5      Realization: 4.7/5      Overall: 4.7/5

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