Dr B’s Film Club | The Brain Hack




“Dr B’s Film Club is a showcase for the ‘Short Films’ we are currently digging here at B’ Vaping HQ. Not ALWAYS constrained exclusively to vape or #vapelife. We and the B’ peruse the dusty depths of the web for all manner of celluloid art…popcorn-tastic times”
Dr B’s Film Club showing: 

The Brain Hack

The Brain Hack sees a computer scientist team up with a film student for an ambitious project: finding the perfect set of images that will induce hallucinogenic visions of God. But just as they succeed, they find themselves pursued by a mysterious religious sect. Be sure to watch this one to the very end. It’s an incredibly clever use of the short film format in horror, making the viewer a participant in its events” – io9


Film contains strobe lighting/flashing images. Viewer caution advised


Views & opinions expressed in this film are those of the professionals involved and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Dr B’ Vaping

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