V2V2 | Backwards by Sasse and Maurice Aymard (M’ Pagliara Remix) via Apersonal Music

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Barcelona’s Maurice Aymard is the owner of Galaktika Records and co-founder of Apersonal alongside Andres Vegas. Here we see Aymard pair up with Sasse owner of the long running Moodmusic imprint. The pair deliver their collaborative material for Apersonal. Massimilliano Pagliara an Italian artist who plays frequently at Frankfurt’s Robert Johnson club, brings some pace to the track with a stripped rhythmic feel and floaty atmospheric synths – Knights of the Turntable

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What ghosts inhabit the analogue machines of Massimiliano Pagliara? Conjured up by the turning of knobs, these benign spirits reign our everyday dance floor. Having released his second album last year, Pagliara’s blend of elegant old school electro, crafty italo disco and soul-sparkling Chicago House have turned many ears his way. His return to Live at Robert Johnson saw him sweat out his finest and most versatile work to date. Well worth your listening time – Roof FM


Release date: Out now on Apersonal Music
Dr B’s recommended juice: Backward Blueberry

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