Tayside, Scotland falters in race to stub out smoking | public opinion turns against NHS cessation methods and towards ecigs’

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UK in the houseTayside, Scotland has the lowest success rate in people trying to quit smoking, new figures have revealed. And it’s the third year in a row that the region has been bottom of the table. In 2014, 24.2% of people in Tayside who tried to stop smoking were successful after one month, 11% less than the national average of 35.4%. Since 2012, the rate has dropped by more than 7%, when 31.6% of people were successful in ending the habit. Adam Middleton, 26, from Dundee’s city centre, said although he has cut down from about 60 cigarettes to 20 a week, he was still smoking after several attempts to quit. He said:
“I have tried to stop lots of times but, because of stress or some other reason, I always end up smoking again. Now, I am down to around two or so a day but when I have tried in the past, I’ve found that I’ve just not been able to stay off them. The low success rate in Dundee and across Tayside is quite shocking because there has been so much talk in the media and around about how fewer and fewer people are smoking and more are quitting.”
Adam said when he had tried to quit in the past, he felt the methods offered by the NHS don’t work for everyone. He added: “I’ve tried the chewing gum, and the patches, but they are just awful and you still want to smoke after you have used them. Of the friends I have who’ve quit and been successful, they’ve either moved on to e-cigarettes or have just stopped cold turkey. “I think e-cigarettes help you cut down in a way the stuff you get from the NHS just can’t.” Since electronic cigarettes became more mainstream, many are opting for the devices over services offered by the health board.
Leigh-ann Will, 24, works in Vaporized in Nethergate, and said she believed more people are buying them as a method to eventually quit smoking. She said: “I smoked around 30 or 40 cigarettes a day and was starting to see a lot of health problems on the back of it. “I moved over to the e-cigarette and, almost straight away, I saw my health improve because I felt I was smoking less. A lot of people are opting for electronic cigarettes over more conventional treatment you get on the NHS and are seeing better results. “I’ve had a lot of people getting emotional over the challenge of having to try to quit. They’ve tried and failed in the past, but found the e-cigarette has worked in some way.” Read full article


Bobby Rae (03 July 2015) Tayside is bringing up the rear in race to stub out smoking [journal]. Retrieved from http://tinyurl.com/q3n474u


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