Revel by The Cloud Company


cloud company revel main

Revel by The Cloud Company

  • Size options (ml): 15/30
  • PG/VG (%): 100 MAX VG!
  • Nicotine options (mg): 0/3/6/9
  • Born: USA

What they say

suicide bunny site badgeAn interesting and flavour-morphing liquid. Prepare to meet your new All-Day-Vape (ADV). Every inhale brings a new experience. Hints of sweet cereal with fresh berries and cream one time, and a beautiful mix of berries and citrus in the next. This is a perfectly balanced, complex liquid that will keep you guessing.

What Mini B’ says

Now we’re talking and tooting! Straight off the bat, Revel is equal parts scrumptious, equal parts divine. From this showing, The Cloud Company wholly deserve their revered status (cue a BIG smile from the Suicide Bunny fan boys/girls) as one of the damn smartest, coolest, and more importantly tastiest of juice vendors operating currently. Mini B’ gives props to the refreshingly accurate taste description here, this is complex, this is expertly balanced, this is the real deal!
From the first chug’ your taste buddies are greeted with a delightful fruit-berry-cream aroma with a vapour texture as smooth as a freshly shaved Frank Sinatra dipped in liquid silk. The cereal base lends Revel MAX’ flavour to accompany the MAX’ VG construction. A savvy and smart trick to pull off indeed, considering it manages to pack this much flavour whilst still maintaining ADV credentials. Citrus notes mingle and merge with the creamed fruitiness and will have you ‘chucking’ out the berry shaped clouds like a one person ‘fog factory’…Cloud-tastic from The Cloud Company.


Mini B: 4.7/5      Realization: 4.8/5      Overall: 4.8/5

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