V2V2 | Solitude (English Rose EP) by Jimpster via Freerange Records

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Jamie Odell/Jimpster has been producing, remixing, and DJing for the last 20 years and co-running Freerange Records for the last 15 of those. He forges a sound that is both warm and deep as well as being innovative and club friendly. Jamie has built up a reputation as a highly regarded DJ in the UK and around the world, having played over 100 gigs last year alone. With an emphasis on the deeper end of electronic house but not afraid to stray from the path, he retains an old school approach. Solitude is an afro-techno sound-clash infused with that trademark Jimpster sound where the devil is in the detail of a beautifully subtle and rolling groove. Seven minutes thirty seconds of complete bliss to get well and truly lost in – Freerange Records


Jimpster is back on Freerange for his first full-length project in over 2 years. His last one was Porchlight and Rocking Chairs so we were justified in expecting something incredible. English Rose EP is packed with charming grooves and pleasant subtleties, trademark Jimpster stuff. Here’s our pick, an afro-infused roller that comes alive around the halfway mark with a silky LFOTram 22


Release date: 6th July 2015 via Freerange Records
Dr B’s recommended juice: A ‘Solitary’ Strudel  

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