Global smoking rates in decline states latest World Health Organization (WHO) report

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this 1 latestSmoking is now on the decline, thanks to aggressive global health campaigns. Citing the Global Tobacco Report of the World Health Organization (WHO). The Department of Health said the global smoking epidemic had been reversed, particularly in Asia. “It’s going down. Even in the Philippines, the trend of smoking among the adults had been reversed,” Health Asec. for Technical Services Paulyn Jean Ubial said.
Ubial said that from 24 percent in 2008, the prevalence rate of adult Filipinos who were smoking went down to 22 percent in 2013. Ubial added that it’s the “first time in history” that the smoking trend had declined. According to Ubial the decline could be attributed to the anti-tobacco measures under the WHO initiated Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) the world’s first treaty on public health.
Countries that signed and ratified the treaty were bound to implement tobacco control measures like the ban on smoking in public places and the ban on promotion and advertisement of tobacco products. Some countries have also implemented the graphic health warning on cigarette packs and imposed higher sin taxes for tobacco products. Read full article


(05 July 2015) Global trend of smoking now declining [editorial]. Retrieved from


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