Shifu’s Kung Fu Tea Liquid by Alchemy E-liquids (Specialist Tea Liquids range)


alchemy kung fu tea

Shifu’s Kung Fu Tea-Liquid by Alchemy E-liquids

  • Size options (ml): 10 
  • PG/VG (%): 50/50
  • Nicotine options (mg): 0/6/12/18
  • Born: Wigan, UK

What they say

jZnVYR3R“Satisfaction for the soul” is what the Chinese say Kung Fu Tea should bring. We are certainly very satisfied with this recipe, which combines the finest tea in China with exotic flavours of lychee and dragon fruit. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. An e-liquid that we are proud to have sourced directly from China, Shifu’s Kung Fu Tea Liquid contains all the hard work and dedication that sums up the essence of Kung Fu. A beautifully prepared and steeped Chinese tea, awash with light sweet lychee and dancing with notes of exotic dragon fruit. The Alchemy team pride themselves on bringing you unique flavours and recipes for vaping from around the world, this time we think we’ve outdone ourselves!

What Mini B’ says

We and the Mini B’ are more than just a tad’ enamoured by the sub-exotic succulence the lychee brings to juicy proceedings. This little fruity fella’ punches way above its weight in the ‘taste-stakes’, adding bountiful levels of freshness and sweetness to legions of liquids. Shifu’s Kung Fu Tea Liquid is no exception. Light, clean, crisp, and distinctly delicious.
The Alchemy team are quite clearly adept at executing complex and slightly unorthodox e-liquids in their sleep. It all tastes so effortless, which is testament to the level of skill at work here. That said, the inclusion of even more exoticness into the elixir equation (Enter The Dragon…fruit) might scream ‘overkill’ on paper. Yes it does push the sweetness level precariously near to ‘sickly’ territory, but on the whole results in a tremendous toot. Not For All The Tea In China would we and the Mini B’ pass up a little Shifu’s Kung Fu Tea action, it would take a roundhouse kick to the face for us to put this one down. KNOCKOUT!


Mini B: 4.6/5      Realization: 4.4/5      Overall: 4.5/5

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