E-cigarette vendor wants a ‘say’ in regulations

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Saskatchewan province, Canada is currently The Wild West when it comes to e-cigarettes, with no regulations, but one user and seller is looking to change that. Chris LaFonte owns Bakken-Vapes. He’s already contacted an MLA to discuss legislation to regulate e-cigarettes. LaFonte isn’t trying to hamper vaping in Saskatchewan, he said he’s trying to stop legislation from being put in that’s too harsh. “We want to have the legislation reflect the realities and some fact-based legislation, rather than working off emotion as it’s happened in some of the other provinces and municipalities.”
rest of and one worldCurrently LaFonte only has two specific points. The first is that e-cigarettes not be sold to minors. “There isn’t a reputable shop in Saskatchewan and likely all of North America that will openly sell to under 18s and I’d like to think that the vast majority of us just won’t, whether it’s openly or not.” LaFonte’s other point is that e-cigarettes shouldn’t be used indoors where minors can be, such as restaurants or movie theatres. Adult establishments like bars, LaFonte said, should be able to decide for themselves.

Last year, the Canadian Cancer Society called for regulations in Saskatchewan, wanting them to be treated the same as tobacco cigarettes whether they use tobacco or not. However, that is exactly what LaFonte doesn’t want. He switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes last year, and said it’s improved his health and energy. He sees e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes and a way for people to stop smoking. “Once you’ve lived it and made the switch, to be called a smoker, to be lumped in with them, it really seems unfair and unjustified.”

LaFonte said that while ecigs’ aren’t altogether healthy in and of themselves, they are healthier than tobacco cigarettes. Though he said there’s not a single study that concludes there’s any danger in second-hand vapour. However, a study published in February in the U.K concluded that e-cigarette vapour could cause lung damage and weaken immune systems in mice. LaFonte is waiting for a meeting with the government to discuss the proposal. He is gathering information to support their case. View full article


(07 July 2015) E-cigarette seller wants say in Sask regulations [news]. Retrieved from http://tinyurl.com/q7ere54


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