Vapemail for Dr B’ | MAX VG Liquids selection by Ascension Vapor Alchemy

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MAX VG E-liquids by Ascension Vapor Alchemy

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What a1518904_199603676905667_147685184_o pleasure it was for we and the B’ to receive this little lot of juicy-goods from the fine folks at Ascension Vapor. Hailing from waaay across the pond, Philly’ USA, to be exact. This selection of MAX VG liquids are quite the sight to behold. Let’s have a rummage shall we?
…in the box:

Melon Medley, Lambic Black, Toucan Crunch, Riff Raff, Desert Horse, and Watermelon Tobacco

Keep it locked here at Dr B’ Vaping for both Dr B’s Juice Bar & Minibar reviews, sooner than you can say: “Lickety-split! Clouds Bro’ is it?” 

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