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“Dr B’s Film Club is a showcase for the ‘Short Films’ we are currently digging here at B’ Vaping HQ. Not ALWAYS constrained exclusively to vape or #vapelife. We and the B’ peruse the dusty depths of the web for all manner of celluloid art…popcorn-tastic times”
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An alternate reality where advertising has taken on a life of its own sets the stage for this satiric animated short subject. Logorama imagines a massive American city where practically everything has been replaced by some sort of corporate symbol, the buildings are advertising logos, the people are characters from noted television commercials, and even the birds and insects have the familiar look of name-brand trademarks. However, life in this media metropolis takes an ugly turn when a certain well-known fast food mascot finally snaps and goes on a violent crime spree, with the police hot on his heels. Directed by François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy, and Ludovic Houplain, Logorama was one of the most talked-about short films screened at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, and won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Subject – Rotten Tomatoes 

stone cold classic wording


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