Toucan Crunch by Ascension Vapor Alchemy


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Toucan Crunch by Ascension Vapor Alchemy 

  • Size options (ml): 15/30/50
  • PG/VG (%): 30/70 or 50/50 or 70/30
  • Nicotine options (mg): 0/3/6/12/18/24
  • Born: Philadelphia, USA

What they say

ascension vapor flag logoWhether you are watching your Saturday morning cartoons or reading your Sunday comics, grab this flavour and be a kid again as you vape a combination of your favourite childhood cereals; Fruit Loops and Captain Crunch.

What Mini B’ says

Cereal is the new custard, or is it custard is the new yoghurt?…No hang on, yoghurt is the new cereal! Whatever is right, there is little doubt (unless you are quite clearly Mini B’) that breakfast vapes seem to have taken the liquid market by storm lately with all their early morning goodness and cereal succulence. Ascension Vapor Alchemy throw their errr ‘breakfast bowl’ into the ring with Toucan Crunch. Fruit Loops and Captain Crunch are mighty fine in their own right, combined they are verging on champion juice territory.
Toucan Crunch is sweet, smooth, and satisfying. Mixed-fruit-magic from the Loops’ mingles with the rice, corn, and oats from the Crunch’ for a cereal showdown of fine flavour. This fruit hit is dominant on the palate with a range of citrus notes, the milkiness and grain from the cereal base plays a subtler role in juicy proceedings, if a touch muted. As you crank the wattage, sweetness levels are expertly handled as an almost buttery vapour-texture establishes itself. When breakfast tastes this good, it’s Toucan shaped clouds for lunch, dinner, and supper. Loopy for the crunch!

Mini B: 4.6/5      Realization: 4.4/5      Overall: 4.5/5

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