V2V2 | White Moon Garden by Deadboy (Black Magick Mix) via Local Action Records

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Earlier this year, Local Action released Deadboy’sWhite Magick a six-track EP that brought together “new-age and ambient influences with grime, to further advance current developments in the contemporary evolution of the genre” according to Philipp Weichenrieder’s review. It provided Deadboy with his Local Action debut and first record away from Numbers since 2011. It followed It Did Not Feel Right digital single for Bristol label Crazylegs, Deadboy returns to the label with a follow-up four-track to White Magick called Black Magick. Described as an inversion of the previously released White Magick, this vinyl-only release provides what Local Action term as ‘club-focused edits’ of three tracks from White Magick – Juno Plus


White Magick, Deadboy’s previous EP for was inspired by new age, ambient and meditational music, never forget that Deadboy is first and foremost a club producer. On Black Magick, he recontextualises White Magick’s tracks for the club, extending and reinforcing material for the DJs. Vinyl only, one run – Local Action Records


Release date: 30th July 2015 via Local Action Records
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘White Chocolate Moonshake’

Update: the above version of track is now only available as a snippet/promo. Below is the original mix of White Moon Garden

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