Dr B’ picks 3 | Assorted Selection: JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt | Bambino E-Vape Glass with pipette | Vape Expo 2015 (Moscow, Russia)

new b picks 3

Untitled drawing

Series-B is UK designed/engineered in-house by our R&D department. Manufactured using solid stainless steel and premium aluminium alloys. Designed with user comfort and quality in mind, it features plenty of power in a very compact, innovative, and good-looking vaping device JAC Vapour

“Like how things are made? Sucker for industrial machine processes? Stop what you’re doing, here is the errr Bambino Machine. Nice” – Dr B
Applies dropper/plug/screw cap, pressure sensitive label, production speed of up to 40 bottles per minute – Label Star

VapeExpo was a 2 day event held on 19/20th June 2015 in Letnikovskaya Street, Moscow. The event was the first of its kind to showcase the expanding vaping industry in Russia



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