V2V2 | Hyper Venom by Sei A: Some Things Rise Compliation via Life and Death Records

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Sei A


Based in London for a wee while, Glaswegian DJ and producer Andy Graham aka Sei A has really established himself. Following full length albums early in his career, his sound has continued to evolve and now he is a fine fusionist; someone who melts bass with techno, house with garage and beyond. Of course he also runs his own Seinan label and as a result has won fans and plaudits all across Europe. Sei A is someone who can tell stories and paint mental pictures as well as lay down engaging grooves and remains a very real voice in the global electronic conversation – Elastic Artists 


Some Things Risea suggestive title for a compilation, considering it features some of the more established names in the world of modern house and techno, with Sei A, Scuba, and Locked Groove ‘locking’ down three-quarters of the release. In the way that is Life and Death, the release ventures into the dark melancholia of the deeper end of club music, with sweet melodies counteracting the severe functionalism of the bass and beat. Sei A’s Hyper Venom stands out with a chiming arpeggio and a bass end that loves to distort through the filter of the moog-like synth, perpetuating Boyd Rice’s line from Silence Is Golden; “and then all the thumping and bumping and pounds, would come out forever like pretty bird sounds” – The Formant
“be afraid, be very afraid…of that bottom end” – Dr B’


Release date: 25th August 2015 via Life and Death
Dr B’s recommended juice: Life enriching, Death defying Dragon Fruit

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