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do the mashNew York based LiL JaBBA a visual artist as well as a producer, is not playing around on his new EP Keep. Refusing to be at all constrained by genre conventions, Keep winds from the kind of hype-inducing tracks you want to hear your favourite MC spit over, through meditative, beat-less beauty, to gorgeously realized odes to jungle. That’s not even touching on the icy synths of Grey, so razor-edged that they could cut a falling silk handkerchief. JaBBA mixes vivid, vibrant melodies with hard-hitting drums and his music bursts with a sense of freedom, fun, and experimentation – Pigeons and Planes


LiL JaBBA has been quietly influential with his recorded music, despite sounding like nobody else around. Debut album Scales used footwork as a foundation for colourful, sometimes gruesome audio tapestries. Subsequent EPs 47 and Gully saw JaBBA apply this approach to Southern hip-hop, IDM-style structures, and more. Keep EP, features LiL JaBBA’s most advanced and developed music yet, drawing from grime, jungle, and more. No matter how weird it gets, it never loses touch of the melodies at the heart of his music. There’s nobody around making tracks like LiL JaBBA, Keep EP showcases him at his most complex and most simple – Local Action Records


Release date: Out now via Local Action Records
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Keep’ it Kumquat!

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