V2V2 | Best of Patrick Chardronnet Compilation | Almost Nothing by Adultnapper (Patrick Chardronnet Remix) | Audiomatique Recordings via Deep House London

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Patrick Chardronnet (locked away in his room of humming machines) has dedicated well over a decade to honing his signature sound as an artist. Crisp, high-definition beats and minimal grooves harnessed to an intuitive understanding of structure and melody. With his new compilation; Best of Patrick Chardronnet the spirit and highlights of Patrick’s outstanding career are highlighted. Needless to say the anthology is all killer no filler and today, we are proud to première Patrick’s reworking of Almost Nothing by Adultnapper. The track is a skilfully layered dance-floor bomb, bound by its simple, yet brutally effective synth riff – Deep House London


“About to hit the shelves emerging from Germany’s Black Forest featuring the work of Patrick Chardronnet, aptly named The Best of Patrick Chardronnet, covers some of his best works to date. An array of his remixes and some original tracks that cover well over a decade. A singular sound from a singularly exceptional talent” – Beat Vision


Release date: 28th August on Audiomatique Recordings
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Best of Blueberry’

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