V2V2 | Dimensions Festival 2015 mixed by Kon (Wolf Music/Soul Clap Records)

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do the mashFestival favourite thanks to his diverse musical selections, Kon has spread his gospel to the masses through critically heralded releases on labels such as Basic Fingers, Soul Clap Records, and Hands of Time. Beyond collecting vinyl and re-editing classics, Kon has been part of Boston’s Hip-Hop community for nearly 30 years and has preserved the development of it as a true culturist. “I think he was very much ahead of the curve” commented Gilles Peterson in the past, whilst Soul Clap have claimed him as “the best Disco/Funk/Soul/Boogie DJ in the world!” Whoever you are, you can’t argue with that – mn2


In a league of his own when it comes to getting elbows dirty and dusty digging in the crates, Boston’s very own Kon is so far off his self-effacing acronym King of Nothing. In fact, alongside being heralded a king DJ by super-heavyweights likes Gilles Peterson and Tim Sweeney, Kon is also a rare breed of music aficionado that transcends all rankings. It comes as no surprise then that when he puts his hands on soul classics and turns them into warm dance-floor edits, they punch harder than any of his contemporaries. Kon’s knowledge of music across the spectrum remains unrivalled, and we’re happy to be bringing you a brand new and exclusive mix he’s recorded for Dimensions ahead of the festival this month. Expect rare soul cuts, jazzy house tips, crispy funk grooves, and everything in between – Stamp The Wax


Release date: ‘Free to the world’ via Dimensions Festival
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Festival Fruit Salad’

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