V2V2 | Dekmantel Podcast mixed by John Talabot (Hivern Discs/!K7 Records/Permanent Vacation)

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do the mashJohn Talabot has become one of the biggest revelations of the last years. He has gone from a complete unknown to one of the biggest electronic hopes in Spain. All thanks to his effusive house tracks in which Moodymann, J.Dilla, Chicago House, Disco, and Northern Soul intertwine to produce organic and humane songs, full of life, that make your hands and heart dance. His debut album ƒIN on Permanent Vacation was one of the most highly praised records of 2012 and his DJ Kicks release for !K7 in 2013 received much critical acclaim – Magnet Musik


John Talabot is the acclaimed Spanish DJ and producer who has brought a real sense of melody and occasion to house and techno. The Hivern Discs boss, as well as releasing a standout album in ƒIN, and fine collaborations with Axel Boman and Pional, is also an in-demand remixer celebrated for being able to create majestical grooves. Across the course of one and a half hours, the Barcelona based Talabot lays out his musical modus operandi in all its glory; serene house riddled with melody, dreamy pads, and wavy tones that speak to the soul. With a rather blissed out and dreamy undercurrent, he slowly works through house, old and new and keeps a strong, compelling groove present and correct at all times. Officially entitled ‘Post Summer Melodies’ by Talabot, this mix is full of just that, and is sure to keep you warm long after the sun has gone – Dekmantel
“master of the mid-tempo melody, intricate idiosyncrasies, weaver of grooves. The ground covered here in 90 odd minutes is nothing short of outstanding…yep, vintage vibes” – Dr B’



Release date: ‘Free to the world’ via Dekmantel
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Podcast Plum’

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