Apollo by Mod Fuel E-Liquid


mod fuel apollo main2

Apollo by Mod Fuel E-Liquid

  • Size options (ml): 15/30
  • PG/VG (%): 20/80
  • Nicotine options (mg): 0/1.5/3/6/12
  • Born: ‘Somewhere’ in the good ol’ USA

What they say

mod-fuel“Creamy vanilla custard smothered in caramel”

What Mini B’ says

We and the B’ don’t mind a good smothering of caramel when it tastes this good. Apollo is divine, flavoursome, and cutely creamy. The buttered, syrupy sweetness of the caramel is prominent from the first toot, combining in texture with the vanilla custard in a delicious but slightly uneven balance. Smothered is an on point description here, the caramel takes few prisoners with its dominance in aroma, muting slightly any of the complexities to be found from the dessert base. Vanilla notes are subtle yet still satisfying.
“That’s one small misstep for balance but one giant leap for flavour.” Apollo’s main mission succeeds in providing your taste buddies with saccharine succulence in abundance without, crucially, becoming too rich or sickly. Vape all day? Mos def yes! Just be assured the sugar levels are the star here. Custard clouds to be proud of then, Houston doesn’t have a problem and nor do we…FUEL me up Scotty!

Mini B: 4.7/5      Realization: 4.2/5      Overall: 4.5/5

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