Joking aside…how smart is your phone? World’s first cellular vaping device

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this 1 latestFounder and CEO of Vaporcade™, officially announced that his company would start taking pre-orders immediately on its new website. While the announcement of his new company and its site launch is a significant development, it is the preorder news about Jupiter™ that has the tech and vaping industries buzzing. For the first time in history, a cellphone that vapes is not only a reality, but is also available for public preorder. The myth of the ‘vaping cellphone’ is no longer just vape-tech folklore.
John Cameron said “when we first announced that our team had successfully engineered a cellphone that vapes, we had absolutely no idea how overwhelming the response would be from the tech industry and public at large. The outpouring of interest and support has been both inspiring and humbling.” Cameron continued “the remarkable number of hard-working people supporting our efforts to save lives and properly inform the masses about the dangers of tobacco deserve the best resources; our new website is a critical tool for our mission. We have committed to building a brand and website where vape-tech isn’t just aggregated, it’s born.”
Along with the site redesign and the pre-sale of Jupiter™, Vaporcade™ is also making the legendary 1963® brand of next generation e-cigs’ and e-cigars available to the public. Named after the year that the first American patent for an e-cigarette was filed by inventor and visionary Herbert Gilbert, the 1963® brand of disposables are designed to have the look and feel of traditional cigarettes and cigars while offering a variety of unique flavors. Read full article

jupiter 4g

Market Wired (03 September 2015) Vaporcade makes the world’s first cellular vaping device available for pre-order [editorial]. Retrieved from


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