V2V2 | Landlocked (Under The Same Sky LP preview) by BASIC SOUL UNIT | Dekmantel Records via Boiler Room Debuts

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do the mashStuart Li better known as Basic Soul Unit, has been dropping quality records via a litany of highly respected imprints like Ostgut Ton, Crème Organization, Mule Electronic, and Versatile over the past decade. Hypnotic and deep but always funky, Li now brings his rugged house to the Dekmantel imprint, serving up a finely crafted follow-up to his 2012 debut album. Li’s offset/grubby bruk drums nod to the dance floor, while his melodies lean towards an unparalleled industrial edged emotion. Under The Same Sky sets the bar fly high for raw yet extremely original house music – Dekmantel Records

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Basic Soul Unit is a supremely underrated and versatile controller of both decks and the DAW. Regularly prancing between the acid-laced and soulful peripheries of house and techno with ease. Landlocked is no languorous stroll, the furthest from it in actual fact. Beginning with waist-high levels of pummeling techno, the build up into Spartan mind-melter is a brash, yet welcome one – Boiler Room Debuts


Release date: 16th October 2015 on Dekmantel Records
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Basic Blackberry’

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