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“Dr B’s Film Club is a showcase for the ‘Short Films’ we are currently digging here at B’ Vaping HQ. Not ALWAYS constrained exclusively to vape or #vapelife. We and the B’ peruse the dusty depths of the web for all manner of celluloid art…popcorn-tastic times”
Dr B’s Film Club showing: 

I’m You, Dickhead

I’m You, Dickhead from director Lucas Testro is a real charmer. It’s crude, funny, fast-paced, and filled with enough punch-lines and plot-turns to keep you enthralled throughout. It’s all predicated upon the inherently ridiculous proposition of using the power of time travel as a way to get laid. Although it’s often used as a plot element in ‘serious’ movies, time travel with all its paradoxes and contradictions makes for a ripe comedy device. Testro along with writer Larry Boxshall totally take advantage. While the callous, uncaring hero might be a turn off for some, his lack of empathy for anything other than his own sexual cravings makes for some great one-liners. Would this type of character work in a feature? Maybe not, but that’s the beauty of the short form; a few dick jokes, and I’m locked and loaded for 12 minutes of comedic/sci-fi bliss – Short Of The Week


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