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In 2012, Sam Binga entered into our consciousness with the Small Victories EP a collaboration with experimental frontrunner Om Unit. It crystallised a sense of renewed experimentation in the world of 160-170bpm music. Working alongside the legendary Addison Groove, the off-kilter footwork inspired BS3 included the huge track Rzor which still remains a defining moment for the outer reaches of the genre and beyond. Binga’s hyperactive brand of slow-fast swagger was quick to win him a place as one of the most provocative artists to blow up in recent times. Reclaim is 160bpm business – Critical Music


Wasted Days is my contribution to the ongoing, endlessly inspiring conversation between Jamaican sound-system culture, US hip hop, and UK club music. There’s elements of grime, jungle, dancehall, footwork, and crunk. Filtered through my experiences growing up through the aftermath of the original rave explosion post Summer Of Love. In some ways, it’s also a love letter to everything my life in dance music has opened up to me. From following a few discrete aspects of the things that make up this music, I’ve been able to work with people from all walks of life, from all over the world. I’ve equally been able to take influences from all over the world and gradually understand how to fit them into a coherent framework, my own coherent framework – Sam Binga


Release date: Out now via Critical Music
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Reclaim The Raspberry’

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