Address clouds of confusion on vaping and increase research to avoid disproportionate bans and negative public perception

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uk and one world thumbNew studies are published almost daily on the harm or benefits of vaping as both sides struggle to regain control of the debate. The devices have proliferated into daily life as passers-by barely blink now when they catch sight of someone puffing away on something which would not have looked out-of-place on the Starship Enterprise. Health charities have called for greater support for their use as a cessation device, or a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes.
Public Health England recently made the landmark recommendation that the devices should be prescribed on the NHS once regulated, based on a study which found ecigs’ were 95% less harmful than cigarettes due to lower levels of carcinogens. However, it emerged that the study had been funded by the ecig’ industry, revealing a glimpse of the vested interests on both sides of the chasm.
Some studies have found the flavourings in e-cigarettes can cause respiratory problems and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said there is not enough robust evidence to show the devices helped committed smokers to ditch the fags. If more research is done, then one of the major benefits of prescribing e-cigarettes could be the reduction in health inequalities. In Scotland, smoking rates are highest in the most deprived areas and products such as nicotine patches can be costly.
The harm caused by cigarettes is well documented, so the argument for smoking becomes one about freedom of choice. Providing people with more options could be a positive thing, particularly if ecigs’ live up to their hype. More research is clearly needed before e-cigarettes can be backed fully but a blanket ban must be resisted. Proposals to prevent under-18s from buying e-cigarettes are sensible, these devices are not toys. But rising levels of cancer and heart disease loom large over our ageing population and any opportunity to tackle the problems should not be wasted. View full article


Lizzy Buchan (20 September 2015) Time to address e-cigarette confusion [online newspaper]. Retrieved from

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