V2V2 | Teenage Engineering by Roman Flügel | Monday Brain EP on Hypercolour Records via Stamp The Wax | MAX SCORE: 5/5

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do the mashRoman Flügel is synonymous with a style that is complex and intricate yet retains a simplicity without encroaching on functionality. His 2014 album Happiness Is Happening was a case in point, followed up by another masterpiece this February in Sliced Africa. Now, as Flügel releases Monday Brain on Hypercolour the question has to be asked: has he bettered himself once more? The short answer is yes, but not in the manner you might expect. Monday Brain does not contain any tracks that were produced with the dance-floor solely in mind. If you’re looking for an EP full of peak time hits to trump Sliced Africa, you’ll be disappointed. But that would be missing the artistry that lies within.


Teenage Engineering is the stand-out for us and one we’re delighted to premiere. Soothing piano overlays a shuffling drum pattern before the track takes a sharp turn towards the euphoric, with the slow introduction of an ominous, siren-like synth line. Then, like a passing ambulance, the alarm is soon replaced by the return of a rolling bass line and calming keys. Undulating and hypnotic, the track’s multiple phases transports you straight to a hazy, early morning set whatever time or place you find yourself listening – Stamp The Wax


Flügel demonstrates his ability to morph with the times and displays his breadth of sound design magnificently. Cosmic IDM sensibilities are explored on Teenage Engineering, building in harmony and texture and a fine example of Flügel’s melodic sound. Two decades of music production/arrangement, he shows no sign of dipping in the quality control department and Monday Brain is a testament to this producer who is clearly heading into the prime of his career, displaying an effortless knack of creating timeless dance – Hypercolour
“The good times look set to continue if Monday Brain lead track Teenage Engineering is anything to go by” – Data Transmission
“Serene machines, Flügel in midas-touch-mode…Golden” – Dr B’


Release date: 23rd October 2015 on Hypercolour
Dr B’s recommended juice: Champagne Truffle, celebrate sonic art!

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