V2V2 | Muting The Noise 3 mixed by Love Over Entropy (Something Happening Somewhere/Lossless)

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Dixon co-founded Innervisions in 2005 with Âme, since then the label has been a steady source of modern house music. Its aesthetic has always gone beyond the music itself. Most of their records come extravagantly packaged, and sidelines in designer clothes to the English translation of Tobias Rapp’s book; Lost in SoundInnervisions releases are available exclusively through Muting The Noise, a web shop, distributor, and movement run by the label – RA
“MTN podcast from Love Over Entropy. After releasing his EP Inbetween earlier this month, he composed this mix for us. Floating from DJ mix to truly live-only and back. Proving his talent once again, it’s atmospheric, percussive, and driving” – MTN
“New tracks by me, SHOW-B, Nuno Dos Santos, and Ripperton, shouldn’t every mix contain a track by Ripperton? It’s good to have scarcity in these days of one-click availability” – Love Over Entropy


Release date: ‘Free to the world’ via Muting The Noise
Dr B’s recommended juice: ‘Don’t Mute The Melon’

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